Automobilių nuoma SIT and GO


We are a multi-verse vehicle rental company that provides short-term, long-term rental and also the possibility of operating lease. Sit&Go aim is to make customers journey stress-less from the beginning until end. Therefore, Sit&Go short term rental company which offers car rental service with risk reduction package included.

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our website. Our goal is to give you the best experience with our rental vehicles in the market in Lithuania and Latvia. We offer clients loads of options that go with the vehicles. Moreover, Sit&Go keeps competitive prices that is affordable for anyone. Our fleet is mostly focused on low emissions, optimal performance and vehicles that are easy to maintain.  In addition, Sit&Go staff is ready to help 24/7 with any question, request or problem that may occur before, during or after the rental.

Everyday Sit&Go strives to be best in the market. The core foundation of the enterprise is innovation. We base every aspect of vehicle rental experience a client can have is done as optimally as possible using the most relevant technology. The main goal of our company is  – simple, clear and fast reservation. Moreover, we are the only car rental company in Lithuania that includes a liability reduction package. In addition, each of customer can choose other benefits together with car rental. As a result, each of our customer could enjoy the trip without any stress – just Sit and Go!