• Reports vehicle’s real-time location, trip information and past location data
  • Collects information such as the vehicle’s battery voltage, ignition status, engine data, DTC codes, seatbelt status, etc.​
  • Reports on driver behavior like speeding, long idling, hard braking, hard cornering and rapid acceleration​
  • Tracks the location and availability status of employees.​
  • Enables managers and dispatchers to send tasks and activities to mobile workers.​
  • Displays activities and filters requests by status.​
  • Increases transparency of company car usage and cuts fleet costs​
  • View where vehicles are located at any given time and how many cars are available for booking.​
  • System selects the most suitable vehicle based on user need; doesn’t allow for manual picking of cars.​
  • Automatic tracking of mileage, reducing driver intervention
  • GPS device plugs directly into car’s OBD connector
  • Automated workflows for ease of use


Tomas Šajevičius
Project manager
Tel: +37060693666
E-mail:  info@sitandgo.eu