SIT&GO full service leasing – brilliant opportunity to be mobile with  fixed costs.

Today, long-term car rental is a great alternative to buying a car. The rental period can be from one to 60 months, depending on the needs of each client! Moreover, our fleet of cars and vans offers a wide selection of car manufacturers and models. You can choose from our fleet as well as any new car from new car showrooms. Long-term car rental can be used by corporate as well as individual customers.

Long-term or operating lease for companies is the most convenient solution of transportation management. In other words, You can forget about car maintenance – we will do it for You. Above all, this service provides an opportunity for company managers to create good conditions for company. That means, employees can devote full-time work to direct work rather than car maintenance. Just choose your favorite car from our fleet or from any dealer and SIT&GO team will do everything to fulfill your needs.

Our services provide and include:

  • Car rental
  • Compulsory European motor third party liability insurance (CDW)
  • Administration of insurance cases
  • Mileage up to 3000 km/month
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Liability in case of car damage – 200EUR/per case
  • Manufacturer’s recommended summer / winter tires
  • Regular maintenance
  • Changing and holding tires
  • Replacement car in case of maintenance or accident

Free parking at Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga Airports

Main operating lease terms:

  • Rental period – from 1 month
  • Initial payment – value of first the two months of the rental price
  • Administrative fee – none
  • By choosing an operating lease service, we can offer the customer any car the customer wish.

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