Fleet management

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Fleet management

Car fleet management service

Fleet Tracker is an in-vehicle GPS modem that connects to the vehicle’s power source through the engine control module and captures mission-critical insight to help managers increase fleet productivity, improve customer service and win more business

  • Reports vehicle’s real-time location, trip information and past location data

  • Collects information such as the vehicle’s battery voltage, ignition status, engine data, DTC codes, seatbelt status, etc.

  • Reports on driver behavior like speeding, long idling, hard braking, hard cornering and rapid acceleration

  • Sends sensor status and arrival/departure alerts

  • Provides greater insight into the vehicle’s diagnostic health and its performance in the field

  • Scalable for businesses with small, medium and large fleets

Task Management
  • Tracks the location and availability status of employees.

  • Enables managers and dispatchers to send tasks and activities to mobile workers.

  • Displays activities and filters requests by status.

  • Sends alerts for completed or rejected jobs to enable managers and dispatchers to take immediate action.

  • Increases crew visibility by providing activity completion time, status, location, as well as availability.

  • Replaces paper-based order entry with an electronic order entry system that allows dispatchers to create work orders in as little as 10 seconds and ask electronic signatures.

  • Enables customers to locate the closest available driver/technician in the area and dispatch the job to their smartphone.

  • Captures employee’s clock in, clock out and breaks via time card module

Carsharing Solution Overview
  • Increases transparency of company car usage and cuts fleet costs

  • View where vehicles are located at any given time and how many cars are available for booking.

  • System selects the most suitable vehicle based on user need; doesn’t allow for manual picking of cars.

Quick and easy sharing of booking information

  • Synchronization with calendar apps where users can manage and cancel trips.

  • Allows for sharing planned trips with co-workers to avoid duplicate trips to the same location.

Easy record keeping and reporting

  • Tracks organization-specific information associated with bookings, manages trips and provides vehicle usage statistics.

Mileage log
  • Automatic tracking of mileage, reducing driver intervention

  • GPS device plugs directly into car’s OBD connector

  • Automated workflows for ease of use

  • Drivers can classify trips as business or personal through the mobile app or web module

  • The system calculates the allowance and completes the driver’s log with all information required for reimbursement

  • Pre-configured approval flows for managers to reduce false claims

  • Access completed reports

  • Automatically print or send reports to external accounting software

  • Pull PDF or Excel reports for auditing

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